A simple yet powerful global app which revolutionises workplace wellbeing through tech and wearables.


Whether it's a one-off team-based movement challenge or an all annual platform to engage staff with our wide suite of physical and mental wellbeing tools and services, GoJoe is the solution.


GoJoe started as a revolutionary team-based fitness app, enabling workplaces to connect and engage staff through its team-based challenges.  These were a level up from dated, exclusive and uninspiring step challenges.   

Users log activities, either by connecting a wearable, using our in-app GPS tracker or manually inputting activities. 

We still do that now...but that's just the start.

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Our premise was simple - people exercise more when with or against people they know, including colleagues.  


And, as both a consumer and workplace app, employees don't get booted out of our app after a challenge.  They can use it for free, for life.


This has a massive impact on engagement, ROI and most importantly, physical and mental wellbeing.


By using activities not steps, we engaged everyone within an organisation, from the 20 year old triathlete to the 70 year old dog-walker.  Some of the biggest companies in the world then came calling.

They recognised that, once you have people engaged and motivated, a wider wellbeing programme can then be built around it.

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Team and Solo Leaderboards

View live team and solo leaderboards in the app, with the ability to filter by activity type and view individual breakdowns.

Team and Challenge Chat

Chat and share images with team-mates in a private team chat, and also with individuals or the wider challenge.   

Weighted Activity Types

We weight activities so that, for example, a swimmer can compete against a cyclist, weightlifter and/or a gym-goer in the same challenge.

For Workplaces

Everything above, plus...

Fully customisable challenges

Unlimited teams and participants

Custom Branding & Passcode Protection

Employees can stay on app (free) for life

Data Report

Weekly bespoke comms

Access to Rewards Platform

Integration of Olympians and celebrities

Live HIIT, yoga, pilates

Themed weeks and prizes


Interested in a workplace challenge?


GoJoe doesn't use steps.  We use AI to weight activities so that everyone can compete on a level playing field within the same challenge, from 70 year-old swimmers to professional triathletes.