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Join Team Jordynn or Team Rest of the World in a world-first virtual team-based fitness event in January 2022. 


Getting motivated to exercise on your own can be hard. 


That's why, as the New Year beckons, we have teamed up with Jordynn @"Jordy_Runs" West to launch a virtual team-based fitness challenge on the GoJoe app, which anyone can join.  It’s a friendly and fun team-based virtual challenge – walk, run, cycle or swim – taking place between 17 January - 30 January 2022.  People of all ages and abilities are encouraged to participate.

Be part of the community.  Enter a team - Team Jordynn or Team Rest of the World - and get moving between 17 - 30 January.  Any kms logged rack up points to your team.  Most points, wins.  More than that, entering gets you exclusive access to a team and challenge chat in the app with others in the challenge.




Download the GoJoe app (iOS or Android) and create a profile



Find the JW Believe Challenge ('Explore' from the top of the Feed)


Press 'Join Team' and join either Team Jordynn or Team Rest of the World


Get moving!  Log kms to the GoJoe app between 17th - 30th January, with all kms counting for your team!



Added to team/challenge chat group

Custom challenge email updates

The perfect motivation to get fit with the GoJoe community

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In February 2020, Jordynn sparked an interest in giving to others. She was invited to Grand Bahama to compete on the island, who was still in the recovery phase of rebuilding and getting back to normal after Hurricane Dorian decimated the island in 2019. Jordynn, out of the goodness of her heart decided to donate some of her slightly used track spikes and running gear to some of the athletes who lost almost everything in the destruction.


Since then, she has donated more shoes, track spikes and gear to athletes across the world, both individually, and through partnerships with various small businesses. The JW Believe Foundation was founded on strong beliefs that individuals and communities can partner together in providing opportunities for athletes to demonstrate their talents with the aid of small financial grants, essential equipment donations, and scholarship opportunities.

Learn more about the JW Believe Foundation


Is this a step challenge?

No. GoJoe is an activity-based app involving planned or set activities (walks, runs, cycles or swims) which are measured in kilometres. It is not about steps. This is intentional to encourage movement in the form of an actual walk or run (for example) rather than tracking routine steps. The benefits of a planned activity include helping to clear the mind rather than focussing on tracking boring steps from the sofa to the fridge!

What will happen during the challenge?

You have a choice as to whether to join Team Jordynn, or Team Rest of the World. Whichever team you choose, you'll be automatically entered into the private challenge chat room, where you can chat with others in the challenge, give and receive encouragement and share content and photos (including with Jordynn herself). Once you've entered your team, from 17 January 2022, every km you log to the GoJoe app (details on how to do this are below) will count towards your team, whether a run, walk, cycle or swim. The activities are 'weighted', so that - for example - swimmers are not disadvantaged (it's easier to cycle a long way than swim a long way!), and you'll rack up points. The team with the most-points wins.

How does the scoring work?

This challenge is a 'most points' challenge - the kms you do generate points which count for the team. To level the playing field, the activities are weighted so that you earn points as follows: Walks: 1km (0.62 miles) = 1 point; Runs: 1km (0.62 miles) = 1 point; Cycles: 3km (1.86 miles) = 1 point; Swims: 250m (0.15 miles) = 1 point.

Can I join on my own?

Yes! Absolutely. We created GoJoe to motivate and inspire people to exercise, through the power of the team. Whether you are entering on your own or with others, this challenge (and GoJoe) is all about motivating and inspiring people to get moving in a fun way, even though the exercise is on your own.

How do I log activities?

You can log kms by either: (1) syncing a wearable (Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch, Suunto or Polar) to the GoJoe app; (2) use GoJoe's in-app GPS tracker; or (3) manually adding the activities to the challenge (but beware we have ways and means of identifying cheaters!).

What if I have another question or need help?

You can email help@gojoe.com or use the live chat on our website or in-app.


Making Exercise Social

An easy-to-use app which turns everyday, solo exercise into something meaningful and fun.

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