Welcome to the Dashes!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Join us to celebrate one of the greatest sporting rivalries, England -v- Australia, as we present… “The Dashes”.

This is your opportunity to rack up a lot of runs - as well as cycles, walks and swims - for either England or Australia. You’ll earn points based on the kms that you do which count for your team’s total.

The team with the most points by the close of play on 18th January will be crowned the winner and claim “The Dashes”.

We’ll also be making a charitable donation on behalf of the winning team to either Sported UK (if Team England win) or Fair Game Australia (if, you guessed it, Team Australia win).

The action begins on 8 December. It's free to take part.

Are you ready for the test? Download GoJoe and access the event from the main feed to get started.

Ps – Not affiliated in any way to any other major sporting events – it’s just a bit of a laugh and a free event to help people get active.



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