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Because we are also a consumer app, we are able to offer lower prices than other workplace wellbeing platforms.  What's more, your employees can stay on our app for life, for free. 

Use our interactive slider to get a quote.  For 2k+ employees, contact us for a custom, capped quote.
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Answer: everything you need to run a hassle-free, high-engagement challenge

As Standard

Fully customisable challenges

Unlimited teams and participants

Custom Branding & Passcode Protection

Employees can stay on app (free) for life

All activity types


Mental health tools, videos and content

Access to Rewards Platform

Integration of Olympians and celebrities

EAP Helpline

Themed weeks and prizes

Data Reports

All wearables, GPS tracker, manual input

Weighted (points) challenges


How many staff to select?

Not sure how many staff will be using the GoJoe app? No problem.  Select an 'up to' licence amount using the brackets above; however, you can always add more staff at any time later.  You can't reduce the size after purchase though.  If in doubt, therefore, it's better to lowball it. 

More than 2k staff?

Please contact us if you're expecting more than 2k staff to join your activation so that we can agree a fair cap on the costs to give you control and certainty.  We've run many global challenges and activations (it's our bread and butter) but we always like to be transparent and reasonable on costs to avoid nasty surprises.  Staff joining should be a good thing, not a headache!

One-off or annual licence?

Totally up to you.  One-off is a great way to try us out, albeit access to our annual platform is more economical and delivers longer-term ROI.  The annual licence is for usage of our app all-year round for your employees and up to x4 challenges per annum.  You can choose to include all kinds of customisable options ranging from mental health tools, webinars, blogs, newsletters, Q & As with our world-renowned experts and more. 

What makes GoJoe different?

To be honest, quite a lot of things.

First off, we were built for consumers (we weren't set up as a workplace app initially).  This is unique, and means that - if you work with GoJoe - your staff can stay on GoJoe for life (including after a challenge) as a tracker and fitness tool.  This has a massive impact on wellbeing and ROI.  In terms of the product, we are different to step trackers and step counter apps.  Whilst walking is included as an activity type, we aren't so interested in everyday steps from the sofa to the fridge...we are about meaningful movement, getting people away from the desks, engaged and moving.  We are a fitness app that uses team-based, weighted challenges to engage everybody in an organisation, whether a 20 year old triathlete or a 70 year old dog-walker. 


All in all, we're pretty different to the more traditional step challenge and step counter apps like Virgin Pulse, Movespring and others.