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Where it all started
Rob and Ryan,

Greetings from a slightly lesser-known duo,
Will and Phil. If you’re reading this it means that one of our cringeworthy audacious stunts has somehow worked.


2 ordinary joes

While we might not be gracing Hollywood billboards or dodging paparazzi (yet), we reckon we’ve got a few things in common – we also love sport, beer and making interesting life choices…

Wrexham, 2nd best
team in the league 😉

You guys rolled the dice by investing in a football club, an F1 team and, best of all, lager (…so we hear).

We, on the other hand, ditched our day jobs as lawyers and co-founded a social fitness app called ‘GoJoe’ despite being ‘ordinary joes’ and starting with nothing more than a PowerPoint. But the trigger wasn’t just our combined mid-life crisis, GoJoe’s heritage runs even deeper…

Will, Phil and the original ordinary joes

We’re best mates – having met at Uni over 20 years ago and lived in a house with x8 other ‘ordinary joes’. We loved competition and sport and so back in 2005 we hired an athletics stadium (see video below) to compete against one another in teams. We were all average, but loved it.

The event became an annual tradition between friends and still takes place today. The motivation and enjoyment we got from our yearly track day was something we didn't get from any digital or physical product...whether they be fitness apps or physical events. We even took the event on tour… 2010 location = Wrexham (no, we’re not even joking.)

Our manually made scoresheets

A few decades later, we figured out that the secret sauce was friendly team-based competition with 'people you know' (whether friends, colleagues or even A-listers 😉).

We took the essence behind our physical reunion event and set about building a digital product to give other people the same experience. We make exercise more social, using the power of teams, gamification and professional athletes.

Along the way, we met our co-founders Costi (and later Mihai) in a pub, who are also ‘ordinary joes’ but happen to be world class at software engineering. And, so, the GoJoe app was born.

Mihai and Costi

Our vision is to transform boring solo exercise into social virtual experiences to keep people motivated and to give a giant two finger salute to the elitist, dull and broken fitness industry.

(Flex-trigger warning!) We’re on to something. Despite not having any sales people or marketeers, we somehow made into the top-10 fitness app charts (briefly) and are used by the likes of Amazon, Rolls-Royce and Heineken to motivate, include and engage their staff across the globe. We’re punching above our weight (and that’s saying something, Phil is still carrying a bit of timber).

just to name a few

But, like Wrexham AFC, we have big plans and want to make it all the way to the top. With our strapline, ‘exercise on your own, but not alone’, we’re out to change the way the world exercises.

It’s no secret that you both know a thing or two about marketing (especially in the world of sport) and we would love to explore you guys coming with us on the GoJoe journey…

this can be us

…So, how about a pint to discuss and test out that new lager of yours?

e-mail us at or

- Will & Phil

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