The Squad Games is a virtual, global team-based fitness challenge being held on the GoJoe App from 3 - 16 January 2022.


Enter as a team (of up to three people) or on your own (and be allocated to a team). Use the GoJoe fitness app to log activity throughout that period (run, cycle, walk or swim) to earn points.


Exercise on your own but not alone.

After one week, teams with the fewest points will start to be eliminated (but don’t worry…they can still participate until the end).

As well as participation in the event itself, entry includes various rewards including discounts on Nike, Apple and other brands, as well as the opportunity to win/ receive the first ever GoJoe NFT.




(and forward the invite to friends, max team size 3) 


plus taxes


(and be allocated to a team)


plus taxes



One payment, 2-week virtual challenge

Added to team/challenge chat group

An opportunity to win GoJoe's first ever NFT

Custom challenge email updates

 x12 month access to GoJoe rewards which includes discounts on Nike and GoPro



Is this a step challenge?

No. GoJoe is an activity-based app involving planned or set activities (walks, runs, cycles or swims) which are measured in kilometres. It is not about steps. This is intentional to encourage movement in the form of an actual walk or run (for example) rather than tracking routine steps. The benefits of a planned activity include helping to clear the mind rather than focussing on tracking boring steps from the sofa to the fridge!

What will happen during the challenge?

People enter the Squad Games on GoJoe either as a team (of three people) or on their own (and be assigned to a team). From 3 Jan 2022, people log as many kms to the GoJoe app (run, walk, cycle or swim) as they can, on their own. You earn points for the kms you do, which count for your team. After 7 days, things start getting fruity. At 00:00 (BST) every day starting after 7 days, the teams which have logged the least points start getting eliminated. Out. Kaput. With the dreaded ☠️ being placed next to their team name on the leaderboard to denote their digital death (although they can continue to take part from the grave and rack up points until the end). At 23:59 (BST) on 16 January 2022, the inaugural Squad Games victor shall be crowned - i.e. the team who has avoided the elimination AND has racked up the most points.

How does the scoring work?

This challenge is a 'most points' challenge - the kms you do generate points which count for the team. To level the playing field, the activities are weighted so that you earn points as follows: Walks: 1km (0.62 miles) = 1 point; Runs: 1km (0.62 miles) = 1 point; Cycles: 3km (1.86 miles) = 1 point; Swims: 250m (0.15 miles) = 1 point. The teams with the lowest points will start to be eliminated after the first week but can still try to get as many points as they can within the 14 days.

Can I join on my own or do I have to have a team?

You can either join on your own or enter as a team of three. If you join on your own, we'll do some match making and randomly assign you to a team. Details of the team you've been allocated to, and how to join your allocated team, will be emailed out to you before the challenge begins. Alternatively, if you buy a team, you'll immediately be able to create your team on the app and your team-mates can be added or can join using a code.

I've bought a ticket - how do I enter?

If you joined on your own, we'll do some match making and randomly assign you to a team. We'll email you with instructions on how to join your team as soon as our matchmaking is complete, before the challenge starts. If you bought a team, within a few minutes of your purchase, we'll email you with instructions of how to access the challenge and create your team on the app. You'll be able to add your team-mates when you set up the team or they can join later using a code that we'll email you with.

How do I log activities?

You can log kms by either: (1) syncing a wearable (Garmin, Fitbit or Apple Watch) to the GoJoe app; (2) use GoJoe's in-app GPS tracker; or (3) manually adding the activities to the challenge (but beware we have ways and means of identifying cheaters!).

What do I get for my money?

Loads. Bragging rights. Fitness motivation. A chance to receive the first ever GoJoe NFT. Access to certain cool GoJoe rewards (like discounts off Nike and GoPro) for one year. The 2-week virtual challenge. Added to team/challenge chat group in the GoJoe app. Challenge email updates. Blisters.

What's an NFT and will I get one?

We're proud to have created the first ever GoJoe NFT for this challenge. Three lucky entrants will receive GoJoe's first ever NFTs, with details on how they will be distributed to be announced prior to the challenge start. Back up a sec...what is an NFT? NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) are "one-of-a-kind" assets in the digital world that can be bought and sold like any other piece of property. They’re pretty cool because - with the advent of the blockchain (on which they are based) - it’s now the first time that individuals can prove ownership of a digital asset (i.e. like a piece of art).

What if I have another question or need help?

You can email help@gojoe.com or use the live chat on our website or in-app.

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