A free, open virtual fitness challenge in collaboration with Stanford University, from 1 August 2022.

On a joint mission to help crack the holy grail of sustained fitness motivation. 

Entry to this event has now closed.  To sign up for future Stanford Series events, do so here.


What does the challenge entail?

We - along with Stanford University - are researching the impact of various factors on people's motivation to exercise.  This includes things like team vs individual achievements, frequency and content of feedback and motivation, effect of push notifications, effect of incentives and rewards and a few other things.

The challenge itself is a month long exercise challenge, whereby people log their everyday exercise to our app (run, walk, cycle, swim, yoga, HIIT, gym) which then accrues points for that user and also that user's team.

When does the challenge run?

1 August - 28 August 2022

Is this a step challenge?

No. The GoJoe app is a fitness app, not a step app.  The challenge is all about planned or set activities (walks, runs, cycles, swims, yoga, HIIT, gym).  It isn’t about steps.  This is intentional to encourage movement in the form of an actual exercise rather than tracking routine steps. 

How will my data be used?

Your data will be fully protected, not shared and not disclosed to any third parties.  For the purposes of analysing impact of the challenge on behaviours, the data we use will be anonymised.  We also collect survey data which, again, will be anonymised and not disclosed.

Why should I join?

Some people might be interested in trying new ways to get and stay fit, some may be incentivised by he rewards on offer (including Amazon vouchers, tokens and various other things - which are absolutely not just given to the fittest or fastest), some may be incentivised by the social, community element (teams will be involved) and some might simply be interested in taking part in something pretty innovative with some of the brightest minds out there (Stanford, not us).