Let's get your first GoJoe premium challenge underway! 


We'll do all the heavy lifting - but there's a bit of info that we need from you first:- 


STEP 1 - YOU FEED US THE CHALLENGE INFO by completing this simple form - you can do this later if you prefer (we've emailed the details) - it takes less than 10 minutes (or book a Zoom call with us and we'll walk you through it). 


STEP 2 - WE CREATE THE CHALLENGE: we'll use the details you provide to (a) set up the challenge on the app; and (b) send you the 'opening challenge comms' (an email or website containing all the information that your participants will need to know) within 24 hours of receiving the form.

STEP 3 - YOU INVITE THE PARTICIPANTS by simply forwarding the 'opening challenge comms' (that we draft) to all those who you would like to take part or otherwise communicating with them in whatever other way works for you.

STEP 4 - PARTICIPANTS JOIN THE CHALLENGE on the app by following the instructions contained within the 'opening challenge comms'.

STEP 5 - GOJOE! The challenge takes place on the GoJoe app. 


If you're a subscriber, simply repeat the steps above to create other challenges.


If you need any help at any stage, please email, otherwise press the red button below to feed us the challenge info and get started.