GoJoe supporting April International to engage members to live healthier lifestyles.

Learn why a partnership with GoJoe can support April International to ignite engagement and physical activity in your members

Our platform brings some great benefits to you, your clients and members:

Innovate to engage

Our innovative tech engages and motivates populations across all demographics and activity types - not just steppers. 94.1% of our users say our product is more inclusive and engaging than alternatives (step challenges).

Increase your client loyalty

We know Insurance is a competitive landscape, make your current services stickier with a new innovative digital solution.

Seamless API integration

We know you already offer a magnitude of services online or via an app. GoJoe can seamlessly integrate to your current digital offering, meaning no big tech uplift

Putting prevention first

We can’t stop illness completely but by supporting your members to get physically active and engaged in their own wellbeing, empowers a happier and healthier member.

We know you put your members and clients first and our platform can support you to do that:

  • GoJoe's innovative technology engages whole populations regardless of age, gender or fitness level - not just targeting a niche of steppers
  • Our platform is built with prevention in mind, we do this by focussing on key pillars: Move, Fuel, Rest and Feel
  • Support your clients to improve business outcomes: recruitment and retention, whilst creating happier and more productive employees
  • Digital solutions do not need to cost the earth and our solutions are priced to help you scale.
  • Using data and analytics to deliver a seamless member experience
  • Unlocking the value of investments and reducing direct and indirect costs

Our technology changes the game - more inclusive, more engaging and more loved than scarcely used step-based products.


increased positive intent towards the employer (which impacts retention)


Employee engagement rate (up to x4 higher than regular employee engagement platforms)


of employees feel more socially connected after using GoJoe


of employees feel GoJoe is 'more inclusive and engaging' than step challenges

We do two things, with a focus on massive engagement and inclusivity

We’re used by humans, some of whom happen to be employees. If an app is good enough, people will use it. Whether in or out of work.

  • An icon of two swords crossed to form the shape of an "X"

    Team Challenges

  • Icon of a smart watch


  • An icon of a heart. Through the heart a thin line zig zags up and down, this line displays the  results of one healthy heartbeat using a cardiac event monitor.

    All Activity Types

  • An icon representing nutrition. Two triangle shaped items of food lay upon a plate. beside this is a small bowl.


  • An icon of two gears interlocked

    Fully Automated

  • An icon representing mental health. There is a outline of a mans head facing to the left. In the middle of the head a brain is visible.

    Mental Health

  • An icon representing mindfulness. There is a outline of a mans head facing to the right. In the middle of the head a the head of a flower with 5 petals is visible.


  • An icon of a medal with a star engraved in the middle.

    Expert Content

  • and more...

How we compare

Our platform is different from your traditional step challenges and wellbeing platforms, some of the benefits our partners see:

  • Team-based challenges

  • Team and solo leaderboards

  • Immerse athlete, celebrity and expert content

  • Web dashboard for HR

  • Activity integration (not just steps)

  • All pillars of wellbeing

  • Single sign-on

  • GPS activity tracker

  • Push notifications

  • Genuine usage-based pricing

Step Challenge

  • some

  • some

  • some

  • some

Staff Engagement/
Wellbeing Platforms

  • some

  • some


With GoJoe we cover them all!

Don’t just take our word for it, here are some of our current clients and partners that trust us to support their wellbeing and engagement strategy:

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