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Just getting started

What started in 2008 as an annual reunion between a group of "ordinary joes"...

... has been transformed into a cutting-edge virtual fitness solution to motivate the masses, used by the world's biggest companies.

Black and white version of the GoJoe logo, but just the letters "JOE".


We're two of the co-founders of GoJoe, and 'ordinary joes' ourselves.

Two of us (Will and Phil) met at university in 2003 and lived in a house with x8 other 'ordinary joes'. We loved competition and sport so hired an athletics stadium (see video above) to compete against one another in teams.

We were all average, but loved it. The event became an annual tradition and still takes place today. The motivation and enjoyment we derived from our event was something we didn't get from any digital or physical products...whether they be fitness apps or physical events.

We figured out that the secret sauce was friendly team-based competition with 'people you know' (whether friends, colleagues or influencers). Our background was as sports lawyers working with some of the world's biggest brands, fitness apps and athletes.

We took the essence behind our physical reunion event and set about building a digital product to help 'ordinary joes' from across the globe get motivated and to make exercise more enjoyable. Bored and uninspired with existing solutions – and having endured unreliable and clunky step challenges first hand – GoJoe’s team-based app is now used by the likes of PwC, PayPal, Experian, EY, Tesla, Amazon, William Hill etc to motivate, include and engage all of their staff.

Two rounds of investment later, with collaborations with Stanford Uni, partnerships with the world's biggest companies, brands and athletes under our belt, we're only just starting.

January 2003
GoJoe's co-founders meet

Two of GoJoe’s co-founders (Will & Phil) meet and live in house with x8 other ‘ordinary joes’.  They love competition and sport so hire an athletics stadium to compete against one another in teams.  They are all very average, but love it.  The event becomes an annual tradition and still takes place today.

Part of a newspaper clipping. The title reads "Dan's head for threads: Local sets up new men's clothing brand."
April 2019
GoJoe is founded

Will and Phil saw something in the annual reunion event. Their background was in sport working with NFTs, global brands and athletes.

They worked out that the secret sauce was friendly team based social fitness with ‘people you know’ (i e whether friends, colleagues or influencers).

They decide to build a digital product to help other ‘ordinary joes’ get motivated.  That leads them to meet GoJoe’s other co-founders, Costi and Mihai, who are also ‘ordinary joes’ but happen to be world-class software engineers. GoJoe was born.

a Text message conversation:
"Hey Daniel, if you're looking for a designer or ever need some design work done for the application, let me know. I'm currently looking for some
freelance work and would love to
help you out with Foenix. I can
send you some of my work if
you're interested.
Hope it's all going well mate!"
"Hey Adam,
Im good mate. Just hustling the app to everyone!
Sure no problems. At the moment I don't have anything as of yet but If I do I will definitely let you know But still send me through some of your work to my email >"
"Hey daniel, I just sent you a design I did today for foenix via email. Tell us what you think"
"I just saw that. I'm going to need some help with some more designs so let's chat next week to get you in."
February 2020
🚀 App Release
V1 Alpha of the GoJoe app is released on iOS and Android.
The caption reads: "The Lumio team in our first office." Seven people are gesturing toward the camera for a picture.
July 2020
Influencer challenges

GoJoe starts to run influencer-driven challenges.  Its first challenge like this was between a team of NHS doctors and a team of Army commandos – both captained by influencers.

Brands got in on the action and engagement and audience growth was high.  Early validation.

The website Crunchbase showing the profile of Lumio.
September 2020
Mass-participation events

GoJoe rolls out virtual mass participation fitness events.  It’s first was becoming a digital partner to Kiltwalk and running a challenge which featured celebrity captains and helped to raise £5m for charity over one weekend.

Two photos, one of Dan presenting in Cologne, Germany. The other of Adam winning an award for design in Australia.
November 2020
Pre-seed investment

GoJoe completes its first round of investment which includes backing from a professional athlete and C-suite execs from Premier Leagues and household brands.

Caption reads "Adam and Dan working together on lumio back in the day". Adam and Dan sit at a desk,  their eyes fixated on the notepad in-front of them.
December 2020
Innovation winner

As a result of its innovation during the COVID-19 pandemic, GoJoe is one of 22 companies who secure a grant from the Future Innovation Fund.
Antler cohort, January 2020. A large group of around 40 to 50 people are waving into the camera as they have their photo taken.
January 2021
Corporate challenges

GoJoe is contacted out of the blue by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), one of the ‘big four’ global accounting firms, who ask to use GoJoe to run a team-based staff wellness challenge.

The event was a huge success – it featured over 250 teams and 81% of staff were more motivated to do more exercise than normal.  Whilst continuing to build its consumer product, GoJoe therefore releases its corporate challenge offering which has since been used by other global corporates and brands.  

Caption reads: "Adam and Dan working on their new venture in a local cafe." Dan and Adam sit at a table, they both are staring into their laptops.
October 2021
🚀 GoJoe 2.0
GoJoe deploy a major app update which includes: a new look, a GPS tracker, team chat channels and loads more social features.
Eleven screenshots, each representing a live website.

The ordinary Joes
that build GoJoe

Will Turner


Preferred activity
Inner animal
Coffee, pies

Phil Steele


Preferred activity
Inner animal
Cricket, teeth, talking
Snacks, strength, denim

Costantin Predescu


Preferred activity
Inner animal
Software engineering, Romanian football trivia
Hangovers, height

Mihai “Bux” Bucse

Principal Engineer

Preferred activity
Inner animal
Vests, barbecues, DIY

Valentin Gonganau

Senior Engineer

Preferred activity
Inner animal
Making things look pretty
Understanding Phil

David Roast

Software Enginner/ Data Guy

Preferred activity
Inner animal
Wearables, spreadsheets, hair

Jess Johnson

Head of Content

Preferred activity
Inner animal
Fur coats, organisation, videos

Charly Morgan

Workplace Wellbeing

Preferred activity
Inner animal
Cameras, comms, canva, things beginning with C.

Csaba Nacu

Product Designer

Preferred activity
Inner animal
Drawing things, bikes
Strava, lycra
Built by ordinary Joes. Used by
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