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Employee Wellbeing

Ah, employee wellbeing.

An area that in recent times has crept its way in from the periphery to be a fully-fledged central player in the workplace environment.

Burn out🤯. Stress😫. Anxiety😬.
Depression😭. Chronic ill health and sickness related absence🤒. Absenteeism🫥. Presenteeism😤.
Toxic culture🤮.  Unhappy, underperforming employees🥺.

Our disconnected workforces are suffering more than ever, with rising health costs, solution fatigue, ageing populations, MSK, mental health all contributing to the problem.

We believe in social, engagement, prevention, proactivity and a consumer-grade product. Say hello to happier, energised, resilient, more productive & higher performing employees.

We go heavy on inclusivity

Everyone needs looking after, but you won't do that through platforms that don't engage. Whether your workforce is hybrid, remote or somewhere in between, our social-led platform targets and engages everyone, including the hard to reach.

Coworkers giggling at their desk.

The power
of activity

Say goodbye to manual and clunky step and digital health apps. Our app engages all demographics within a population through its proprietary technology, which automatically weights activities to appeal to all ages, fitness levels and interests (not just steppers). GoJoe is the first employee wellbeing platform of its kind, wrapping expert and athlete content across all pillars of wellbeing. From one place.

A woman running

Hit all pillars of wellbeing, GoJoe style

Our app and platform enables you to tick and cover all four pillars of wellbeing, from one place.

Physical is the 'hook', with our innovative, best-in-class team-based challenges getting people en masse into the app. Our product houses content and resources from all four pillars (Move, Fuel, Rest, Feel) to act as a one-stop shop for wellbeing, removing the need for multiple apps and vendors which drain budgets and time.

The journey

We - with the help of our roster of PTs, experts and Olympians - serve meaningful and engaging content with purpose all year round within our app, supplemented by highly engaging challenges.

Data and Reporting

With data science powered by our collaboration with Stanford University, our high engagement enables us to uniquely combine quantitative (wearable/ app) with qualitative data, to give you the most powerful employee health data possible.

In collaboration with

Achieve your goals with Journeys

Enable your employees to join cohorts/groups, and work towards goals as a community.

Lead Pillar Ambassadors


Paul Parry

Personal Trainer​

  • 1-2-1 consultations and personalised fitness plans
  • In-person and recorded HIIT sessions
  • In-person and recorded workshops
  • Monthly group drop-ins


Luke Hanna

Nutritionist ​

  • 1-2-1 consultations and personalised nutrition plans
  • In-person and recorded workshop sessions
  • Workplace consultancy inc canteen audit
  • Monthly group drop-ins​


Helen Faliveno

Mindful Movement Instructor​

  • 1-2-1 consultations
  • In-person and recorded yoga and other sessions
  • Bespoke course delivered over the year
  • Monthly group drop-ins​


House of Wellbeing

+ others​

  • House of Wellbeing personalised series
  • Mental health support
  • Monthly group drop-ins​
Don’t just take our word for it

"The thing I love about GoJoe is that it’s so inclusive"

"The thing I love about GoJoe is that it’s so inclusive.  It doesn’t matter how active or fit you are, or how old you are, there’s something for everyone"

Alison Rose, Former CEO, NatWest

Natwest logo

“It always gets amazing engagement”

GoJoe is a fantastic digital solution to proactively engage our people no matter where they are. From their world series events to their health and wellness content, it always gets amazing engagement.

“GoJoe is the best thing we have ever done”

The teams absolutely LOVE it. The witty comms and notifications are so good. It brings together the wider teams and connects us all, which is really cool.

“It delivers a huge impact on wellbeing”

GoJoe is a really innovative app which helps to keep staff active. It’s easy to get out there and delivers a huge impact on wellbeing.