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How we help EAPs

With the cost of mental health rising, the need for EAP solutions has never been starker.  At the same time, product saturation, low engagement and dispersed solutions have led to challeges for EAPs globally with regards differentiation, value and ROI.


Its no secret - we’re all about the movement.


To perform at your best, you need to feel at your best.


We take your tired, overstretched employees and teach them the art of resting.


Fuel for the body, fuel for the mind.

Collaborations with experts from Stanford, Google and major brands

We believe that meaningful engagement and therefore impact can only be achieved through a consumer product, not a corporate one.  

GoJoe’s gamified, social product leverages the latest tech innovations, having been painstakingly developed over years through collaborations with experts from Stanford, Google and major brands.

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Leverage a truly best-in-class solution

Through collaborating with GoJoe, EAPs are able to leverage a truly best-in-class solution, from its innovative and inclusive team challenges, journeys, gamfication and Les Mills content – providing differentiation for the purposes of both new business and client retention.

two women doing a high five while planking

Centralised benefits space and powerful data

Through GoJoe’s centralised benefits space and powerful data analytics capabilities, employees are able to access the resources and information they need within one place.

Through its vibrant, consumer-focused brand, GoJoe is able to excite and energise internal marketing and comms teams, enabling GoJoe (and by extension EAP partners) to gain unprecedented cut-through and adoption, helping EAPs gain higher awareness, engagement and ROI.

A table football board.

Powered by data.

We combine powerful quantitative data (from wearables and our app) with drip-fed qualitative data to provide clients with a holistic picture of health and wellbeing.

  • Helpful resources across all wellbeing pillars
  • Link in/ amplify existing wellbeing tools and providers
  • Super quick set up & management
  • Innovative & fun social features
  • Send company-wide announcements
  • Best-in-class, inclusive team fitness challenges
  • Personalise to your heart's content
  • Incredible on-demand workout content
  • Display relevant information & partnerships
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Data and Reporting

With data science powered by our collaboration with Stanford University, our high engagement enables us to uniquely combine quantitative (wearable/ app) with qualitative data, to give you the most powerful employee health data possible.

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