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5 Reasons People Give up on Fitness (and how to fix it)

1.      Life’s just too busy

It can be easy to get caught up with life and everything that comes with it. Whether it’s work, family or just you losing track of time, forgetting to exercise is something we can all admit to. Although life can get in the way, we need to move away from this excuse!

Solution: Find any time you can! Utilise your lunch breaks, try spending ten minutes taking a walk, go for a brief cycle, or even do a few rounds of your building (including the stairs!). Planning time effectively is key for excising. Find the best time of day for you, whether it be before you get going with your day, or when your day is over. Setting aside ten minutes a day during the week and an hour or so over the weekend could be a great start to introducing exercise in to your weekly routine.

If the new modern work era has you finding yourself stuck at home all week, we have some handy tips for incorporating exercise in to your home-work life here!

2.      Unrealistic goals and expectations

You want the results, but not the hard work. People often don’t realise how long it will take for them to reach their desired fitness goal. Aiming high and setting unrealistic expectations is the best way to overwhelm yourself and throw you off your overall goal.

Solution: Instead of looking at the bigger picture, set yourself smaller goals. Whether you’re looking to gain/lose weight, build muscle mass, beat your personal best or improve your kilometers, start small! Set daily, weekly and monthly goals that can help you keep on track. If you have a busy week ahead, schedule yourself less exercise and pick it up later down the line when you have time. The key is to not be overwhelmed with your goals!

3.      Boring workouts

As well as autonomous gym activities, boring step counting apps and workouts with no mental stimulation or social element can significantly reduce your want to exercise.

Solution: Mix up your workouts. If you find yourself getting bored, you might not be doing the right exercise for you. Run a different route, try a new video or piece of equipment, get your friends involved. Anything you can do to keep your workout fun and fresh will motivate you to carry on. Getting stuck in to a GoJoe challenge is another way to keep yourself motivated in a fun way, including a little bit of friendly competition! Instead of step counting, we count points earned from running, walking, cycling and swimming!

If you’re struggling to come up with any interesting ideas, here’s a list of solutions to help you increase the intensity and your enjoyment from your workout.

4.      No Consequences for quitters

Quitting on yourself can be so easy, especially when there’s only yourself to disappoint. Giving yourself endless excuses of why you can’t exercise today, telling yourself you’ll do it tomorrow.

Solution: Try joining a class or exercising with a buddy. You’re far less likely to quit when you have someone else relying on you, or you’ve booked yourself to be somewhere. Paying for a personal trainer or gym membership can force you to get moving just so you can feel some value for your money!

5.      Lack of energy

Feeling exhausted with a lack of energy is a sure fire way to get you to say ‘not today’. It could just be that you’re busy, and that’s why you don’t have a lot of energy, but this can’t be an excuse!

Solution: Exercising can actually increase your energy levels, so, if you’re finding that you’re constantly exhausted and searching for energy, it might be time to have a look at your schedule and routine. Starting with a lack of sleep and nutrition will cause your body to feel fatigued. It crucial that you drink enough water, eat a balanced and healthy diet and get at least 8 hours of sleep per night. If you’re finding it hard to sleep at night, click here to find out what may help!

Now you have all the tips you need to stay on top of your workout schedule and you can leave your excuses at home! At GoJoe, we believe that no matter who you are, exercise and keeping active is one of the best things you can do for yourself!