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All Corners of The World With GoJoe

Variety is the spice of life and none more so when it comes to activity and exercise - mixing it up is essential to make sure we don’t get bored and stuck in an exercise rut. Difficult when we’re self-confessed creatures of habit and generally head for the same old running route every time we lace up our trainers (Guilty 🙋)

Why Is Exercise Variation Important?

Reminder: regular exercise is great, but varying fitness routine is also important – both our bodies and brains will reap the benefits of stimulating different muscle groups, challenging efficiency and preventing boredom.
You don’t even need to change the exercise type necessarily - if you’re a 3 times a week spinning class kinda guy/gal, you could instead try hitting the local trails on your bike once a week.
Now it’s absolutely fair to say that our GoJoe community smash it out the park when it comes to these two things: -
1)   Mixing up their exercise (especially since we recently released over 40 new activity types from horseriding to pickleball and everything in between)
2)   Sharing their amazing photos of aforementioned activities
Notwithstanding this, we almost fell of our chairs recently when we noticed a very unusual activity that had been logged as part of one of our corporate team challenges (this one was for the crew over at Ideagen)  

Nothing To See Here, Just A Regular Activity 👀

It went like this;
Activity logged: a climb.
But this wasn’t your average climb…this was a new world record at GoJoe collecting a total of 768 points for one activity climb 🏆
 And not just any world record breaking climb… but a climb that took place in Antarctica, of all places
 And not just a VIP Antarctica climb... but one that went a step further to the actual South Pole!
Ok, we’ll stop now.
But seriously – isn’t this incredible. In fact, it was a pretty special challenge all round with top drawer effort from all involved, embodying Ideagen’s core values of ambition, adventure and community. We love being a small part of the exercise journeys that our community take in all corners of the globe, and championing collective movement is what it's all about.
We took some time to read more about how Ideagen and our new GoJoe world record holder (aka Adam) work together to achieve flexibility - allowing him to take on epic adventures and maintain the work-life balance that works for him. You can take a read here – it’s an inspiring one!
Thanks for sharing your journey with us.