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Firing Up Your February Motivation (With The Help Of The Brownlee Brothers)

See ya, cold, miserable January 👋🏽 Spring is just around the corner and it’s time to get out of our Netflix cocoons and into the great outdoors (although, the gym or sports centre will do equally well!)
At GoJoe, we’re all about motivating you to move on your own, but not alone. And when it comes to exercise, we know the magic formula is challenges + social = motivation.
This time, we’ve gone one step further. By bringing you sporting icons + challenges + social = super off the scale motivation and good times.

Enough Maths Chat, Lets Have The Details

To celebrate the launch of V3 of the GoJoe app (did we mention we’ve had a major upgrade – loads of new social features, content, activities and capabilities💥) we’ve teamed up with arguably the most iconic brothers in sporting history...the world’s ONLY two-time Olympic Triathlon Champion to date, Alistair Brownlee and three-time Olympic medallist Jonny Brownlee, who will be bringing some star power to our communal exercise efforts.

We were so busy being mega-excited that we forgot to come up with a witty name for this epic challenge ahead.
With that in mind, allow us to introduce…

… the Brownlee Challenge

During this one-of-its-kind virtual fitness event, elite athletes’ Alistair and Jonny will form one team (a super-team, if you will) on a quest for points, and the rest of us *ahem* ‘everyday’ athletes will be competing against them in teams of two.
The challenge is open to everyone, regardless of fitness level. Expert or novice - everyone's welcome. With GoJoe you can either sync up your wearable (if you have one) or easily track your activities on our app in order to collect points for you and your team, which we'll award in return for your efforts.  
Exercise & Activities = Points. Points = Winners!

There's A Triathlon Theme (But No Age Groups)

For this challenge, we’re keeping our activities triathlon-based (we’re not sure Alistair and Jonny would have time for Pickleball 😉) so keep your head in the running, cycling or swimming, wheelchair or hand-cycling game for now. We’ll be showing our other 40+ activities a little love in future challenges. You don't need to be donning a wetsuit or cleats to take part in this challenge (unless you want to, of course!) - lengths in the local pool, a quick run around the block, or 15 minutes on the bike at the gym all counts.

There’s Appears To Be A Large Elephant In The Room 🐘

Yes, yes, we know what you’re all thinking - is there even any point in logging your weekly activities around the streets of Milton Keynes (no offence, MK) when you’re up against super-athletes who are sailing through their winter training schedule in some sunny clime.
Well, YES! There absolutely is, not only because our unique weighted points system ensures a level playing field…but also because how many times in the future will you be able to say you competed alongside two triathlete (and just general) legends. It makes a great story. And who knows, maybe Alistair and Jonny will be on a ‘low-tempo ‘week 👀 Or maybe, just maybe, you and your teammate might be able to beat them! Shoot for the stars ⭐ and relish the challenge.

Winning aside, it’s the taking part that counts anyway, and injecting a bit of fun into your exercise. If we can all establish some great routines to take forward into Spring, then we’ll be happy. Throw in a dose of good old-fashioned competition, a friendly community and a will to win and taking part in this challenge is a no brainer.

"You need to enjoy yourself and just get into the routine of keeping fit and enjoying being active. That's always easier once you've made friends in the sport."
-Alistair Brownlee.

Challenge Dates Wednesday 15th February - Wednesday 1st March 2023.


Secure your place now by downloading the GoJoe app ( you'll find the download buttons to the right at the bottom of this screen), and navigating to the challenges section at the bottom of the screen.
Select the Brownlee Challenge, and press to join or create your team (of 2).
Drop us a hello in the challenge chat when you’ve arrived. Game on!