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GoJoe and Orange County Soccer Club Unveil Pre-Season Fitness Journey

In an exciting new collaboration, GoJoe has teamed up with American second division side Orange County Soccer Club (OCSC) to launch Pre-Season with OCSC, a dynamic and immersive six-week fitness journey.

This innovative partnership bridges the gap between professional sports training and everyday fitness, offering a unique opportunity for fans and fitness enthusiasts to train alongside OCSC’s star players, from wherever they are in the world.

“At GoJoe, we believe the journey to health and fitness is one best travelled with others, providing the power of social accountability and the magnetic pull of community”, states Jessica Johnson, Global Head of Content at GoJoe. “This partnership with OCSC through the Pre-Season journey opens a unique window for our audience to not only engage with professional athletes' training regimes and pre-season build-up, but also to be part of an active community that cheers each step, celebrates every milestone, and thrives on shared motivation.” 

The Pre-Season with OCSC  journey is crafted to replicate the rigor of a professional soccer training regimen, while remaining accessible and engaging for individuals of varying fitness levels to follow on their own, but not alone. 

The program includes workouts inspired by OCSC players' training plans, complemented by behind-the-scenes access that reveals the dedication and preparation that goes towards a United Soccer League (USL) Championship season.

Participants will delve into various aspects of soccer training, from physical workouts to nutritional guidance, mental resilience, and tactical insights, all aimed at bolstering fitness and deepening their appreciation of the beautiful game. In addition, they will also have a shot at winning exclusive OCSC rewards, like signed kits and match day experiences.

“A successful pre-season can define a team’s fortunes for the campaign ahead,” said Dan Rutstein, Orange County Soccer Club President of Business Operations. “We wanted to give a unique insight into what our players go through to get physically and mentally ready for the long season to come.

“Our partnership with GoJoe will give fans a chance to see what a pro soccer player goes through as they head into a new season.” 

Designed to captivate OCSC fans and individuals seeking a unique and motivational approach to fitness, Pre-Season with OCSC is testament to GoJoe's innovative spirit and commitment to social, fun, and effective fitness experiences. This partnership also underscores OCSC's dedication to community involvement and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle beyond the field. The journey is now live and available to all GoJoe premium users. Explore and join in-app now by pressing into the 'journeys' button from the bottom menu.

About GoJoe:

In a world driven by the pursuit of better health, personal growth, and greater independence, the journey can often feel isolating. While most health and wellbeing solutions focus on the individual, we believe that the most powerful motivator for pursuing and sticking with health and fitness goals is through social and community.

With a wealth of innovation, a touch of humour, and a scattering of famous faces, GoJoe is the ultimate health and fitness app that transcends fitness levels and cultural boundaries to foster better health, together. 

Leveraging gamification, AI technology, and a wealth of expert content, GoJoe offers a unique platform for brands, corporate and individuals to connect, compete, and stay motivated in their fitness journeys, all year round. Join the movement alongside Natwest, Diageo, Amazon, and countless others who have already embraced the transformative power of GoJoe. It's time to feel the change.

About Orange County Soccer Club:

Orange County Soccer Club (OCSC) is Orange County’s only professional soccer team and a founding member of the United Soccer League (USL). OCSC, which plays its home games at the 5,500-seat Orange County Great Park Championship Soccer Stadium in Irvine, CA, won its first USL Championship title in 2021.

In October 2023, the club launched a trailblazing fan investment program, raising nearly $600,000 from supporters around the world. OCSC is dedicated to being the leader in professional player development in the United States, providing a pathway to professional soccer and to the top leagues around the world.