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GoJoe Round Up: What's new at Joe HQ

It’s been a busy month here at GoJoe and we wanted to share with you some of the latest features and offerings we’ve launched and are about to launch. In short, the product is expanding and improving for all our users and we’re (unashamedly) wanting to shout about it.

Hopefully you like the sound of it all. If you would like more detail on any of the below then please get in touch via Head of Marketing Ed Langford ( and the team would love to take you through it.

Maps are live!

This is one we’ve been wanting to bring to GoJoe for a while and we’re excited to offer live tracker maps as part of our Challenge product. 

All activity on GoJoe counts, even those that aren’t distanced based, so teams can track their collective efforts across the UK and off around the world. And we can get into the detail too with street level pinpoints allowing teams the option of exact routes between offices, stadiums or wherever they choose. 

We’ve built five straight off the bat that can be utilised via a Challenge - so if you wanted to virtually travel down Route 66, climb seven global summits or even race across the whole world then that’s available immediately off the GoJoe shelf.

We’ve also recently run bespoke maps for a couple of corporate teams and are always open to ideas you may have to engage your teams further with an individualised route. 

Fancy trying one of our five maps or something more personalised? Let us know. 

The GoJoe Run Club

Coming later this summer following a pre-launch with a couple of our clients, our Run Club is our first ever event series. It will combine in-person meet ups with virtual ones to create a part physical, part digital community experience. Phygital, if you like. And of course all hosted and organised via the GoJoe app.

GoJoe as a concept was inspired thanks to an in-person annual event series so it’s great to be bringing the physical social element into the product for the first time.  

And while we’re initially starting with running, we’ll soon be expanding into walking, yoga, strength training etc. It’s always been a product designed and built for all - whatever your sport and whatever your level - and that will continue with the event series. 

Keep an eye out for more launch information in the coming weeks. 

New Journey launch: SAS edition 

Ever considered joining the SAS? Us neither but we do like SAS: Who Dares Wins and always wanted to give a version of it a go. And that’s why we’ve developed our brand new Journey; Special Forces Selection.

The 16-step, six-week fitness programme is hosted with the one and only Rudy Reyes, star of hit TV shows SAS: Who Dares Wins and Special Forces: World's Toughest Test. Rudy is an American conservationist, martial arts instructor, actor, and highly decorated former active duty United States Marine. This journey is designed to forge mental toughness and physical resilience, mirroring the elite training of Special Forces. It also means you can pretend you’re on telly alongside Melinder Messenger and Gareth Gates while you do it. 

The Journey is live on the app already for pre-sign up for our Premium users, with the activity itself launching on 8 July. Dive back into the app and check out the Journeys tab to view more.


Cheaters never prosper 

At least on GoJoe they don’t. It may be a less exciting update but it’s an important one for us and our users. We’ve recently deployed an auto-filtered leaderboard which automatically hides any individuals who have had activities flagged for review and where the GoJoe referee feels they could do with a break. It’s rare that this happens but, like any similar product (or elite sporting event quite frankly), it happens and we’re clamping down on it. 

We like to think we do more than any competitors in this area but this helps us ensure the sanctity of our leaderboards. They say the table never lies - well we think we can live up to that. For more info on how we tackle this, read our blog from co-founder Phil Steele

Well that’s it for the updates for today but there’s lots more news in the pipeline. We’ll be back in touch when it’s ready to be shared.

Kind regards,

Team GoJoe