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Introducing….GoJoe Annual (January 2023). A note from the founders

We are so pleased to (finally) announce the launch of our new, shiny, sparkly product – cleverly entitled GoJoe Annual.  This comprises the release of a new mobile app and web-based platform, which basically transforms what was a team challenge app into an all-singing, all-dancing social app with challenges, content, fitness tracking and more.

This represents a game-changer for workplaces who are looking for ways to engage their employees, and/or to provide them with a tool or tools to promote their wellbeing, across the whole piste of physical, mental, social and financial wellbeing.  We think ‘solution fatigue’ is a huge problem, and with workplaces being thrown apps from all different places (mental health, mindfulness, fitness, steps etc etc), it just leads to more scattering of resources and budget.

What is GoJoe?

Taking a step back, for those that don’t already know, GoJoe was created for the masses.  Our name derives from a call to action to all ‘ordinary joes’ out there (like us), who may want to get or stay fit but who may find existing fitness apps/ wellbeing apps elitist, individualistic or boring.

Our mission was/ is to create something social, fun and innovative which actually motivates people to stay on their fitness and wellbeing journeys all year round, not just in spurts.  That’s why we recently partnered with the boffins at Stanford University to crack the holy grail of keeping people on those journeys for longer, using triggers, humour, personalisation and friendly competition to do it.

What is GoJoe Annual?

GoJoe Annual is a few things.  But in short, we built it because the team challenges we have been running on our app have been going down so incredibly well (with clients including Diageo, PwC, Unilever, PayPal etc), that we were routinely asked by employees, “what’s next”?  By staying on our app after a challenge was finished, we knew there was a huge demand for a product which kept people engaged, all year round.

Meanwhile, we were learning from our clients that the engagement we got on our app was not normal.  We also knew that solution fatigue was a problem, that existing employee engagement platforms sounded great but got poor end user feedback (the most important thing in our view) and that it was very frustrating for employers (and HR buyers) to have to navigate through 12 different apps/ intranets to get to a resource.

To answer the question, GoJoe Annual solves all these headaches.  It can be used either as a one-off team challenge app, an all year-round employee engagement platform or employee wellbeing tool, or a bit of both.

What is an employee engagement platform?

An employee engagement platform is a tool or piece of software which is typically used by employees in order to connect, motivate or ‘engage’ them.  Typically, they are used as tools to improve motivation, morale, culture and/or retention.

You’re right – we should have explained that at the start.

How do I learn more?

We love to show rather than tell.  If you’re interested in learning more, feel free to pencil in a demo with one of our team.

Will and Phil,

GoJoe Co-Founders