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Natwest, a global business with a team of 60k staff worldwide, sought to promote a culture of health and fitness among its employees. However, previous attempts at implementing step challenges fell short of inclusivity and engagement.

Employees who were unable to or uninterested in step-centric activities found themselves sidelined, leading to a divide in participation.


Enter GoJoe, the #1 social fitness app for work and play.  Through our innovative technology (which weights and processes activities automatically), GoJoe can bring together and engage anyone within a population regardless of demographic. This led to the inception of 'Go!23' – a revolutionary team-based virtual activity challenge designed specifically for Natwest.

The event, facilitated through the GoJoe app, drew the participation of more than 17k colleagues across over 40 different sports and activities. All activities were weighted to level the playing field, ensuring inclusivity and fair play for everyone. This was supported through services, webinars, workouts and content across our four pillars of wellbeing - Move, Fuel, Rest and Feel.

"This is really different because it's something for everyone. It's so inclusive...and focuses on physical, mental and social wellbeing...your whole wellbeing"

Alison Rose
(Former) CEO, NatWest

The Go!23 Basics


Through GoJoe, Natwest staff exercised on their own, but were not alone. Participants created or joined teams (in this event, it was up to seven members per team), promoting a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.


The challenge wasn't solely about dominating the leaderboards; it was about teamwork, encouragement, and mutual motivation.

There were awards and prizes along the way, adding a touch of friendly competition to the mix. Every point and every effort counted, regardless of whether participants were an 'ordinary joe' or an elite athlete.

Prizes and rewards

The challenge wasn’t just about who topped the leaderboards – there was a range of rewards and incentives up for grabs for those who engaged. Using gamification, data and a world class app, employees connected and engaged from across the globe.

Activities, not just steps

Participants could choose from more than 40 different sports and exercises, which were automatically weighted to level the playing field and engage everyone whether an 18 year old fitness enthusiast or 70 year old dogwalker.

Weighted Points System

Each activity earned points, automatically weighted to ensure fairness. This system ensured that everyone had an equal chance of contributing to their team's success, regardless of their chosen activity or fitness level.

“Thank you GoJoe team for hosting this event for all of us. Truly a success and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. BEST TWO WEEKS OF MY LIFE.”

“Loving GoJoe, it’s helping me make much more positive decisions.”

“Doing Go!23 with my daughter, been fantastic to get out together this morning.”

"It’s been a great challenge and definitely pushed me every day….and long may it continue…no intention of giving up now! 🤩"

“GoJoe is bringing a stronger bond between friends 💪🏻💪🏻 Getting to a better stronger bond with powerful friendship.”

“Thanks to this challenge - it's giving altogether new energy.”

Really feeling the benefits of getting out and about and meeting new people around where I live and getting a bit of sunshine in too!”

“Freddy & I have loved the first week of Go!23, I’ve tripled my average activity levels, spent more time outdoors & even dusted off my dumbbells after several months!!”

The Secret Sauce to Engagement

Planning and Execution

GoJoe's methodical planning and flawless execution played a pivotal role. We assembled a dedicated team of internal and external stakeholders – from comms teams to HR – and conducted weekly sprint calls to keep everyone aligned.

The result? A robust delivery plan executed to perfection.

Early Engagement

We engaged Natwest's wellbeing champions early on. By pre-releasing communications and hosting a virtual seminar with 2k champions, we created a buzz and aligned everyone with the event's objectives.

High-Profile Host

We enlisted former international footballer and celebrity, Jill Scott MBE, as the challenge host. Her high-profile status in the event's territories amplified the excitement and incentivized participation.

We opened up the chance to be on Jill’s team and asked the staff to submit reasons.

Kick-Off Ceremony

The challenge was launched with an opening ceremony at Natwest's HQ, attended by the CEO, ex-England Lioness Jill Scott MBE, and GoJoe’s co-founders.

The event was live-streamed to Natwest’s global workforce, magnifying the event's reach and impact. It smashed engagement records.

One-stop shop

Through live workouts, 1-2-1 consultations, nutrition support and ambassadors across pillars of wellbeing, GoJoe can be used as a one-off event platform or as an all-year-round one stop shop for wellbeing and engagement.

Weekly Themes

The challenge maintained its momentum with weekly themes and prizes, uniting the community and keeping engagement levels high.

Can we keep GoJoe switched on? We want to use this in our sub-team going forward and the content is really great

NatWest employee

Outcome and Key results

The Go!23 challenge with Natwest was a super-engaging 'hook' to get a community of NatWest users into our product.

Through our innovative, engaging, and inclusive product, we create a culture of health that caters to and unites a diverse workforce.

  • 89% engagement
  • 35% email open rate
  • 90% positive messages