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How PwC logged 625 days of exercise with GoJoe, in just two weeks

PwC’s mega mission to connect global workforces and improve the mental and physical wellbeing of their employees, through an inclusive, fun team-based challenge.




Activity Types






Consulting giants, PwC, have 300,000 + employees located in over 150 countries globally. Looking for new ways to bring their worldwide workforce together, the PwC Deals team turned to GoJoe to strengthen connection as well as give their employees the extra motivational boost they needed to get active in January.

The perfect way to start the year.


Over the course of two weeks in January, 836 members of the PwC Deals team took part in a head to head battle across 160 teams. Participants logged any of our 40+ activity types, with a hope of hitting the leader boards or winning one of GoJoe’s legendary awards. Proving that there's nothing like a bit of friendly competition to raise the game, the teams at PwC logged an incredible 14,925 different activities in just fourteen days.

That's over 675 cumulative days of exercise!

The PwC Movement Challenge

Personalised Content

PwC had the opportunity to push out bespoke content to their whole audience via the GoJoe app, using our innovative web-based admin dashboard. During their challenge, PwC ran a Headspace session, and promoted details to their audience via GoJoe. This resulted in one of the highest engagement rates PwC had seen across all live programmes!

High Engagement

PwC employees had the option to take part in the team challenge, or join the PwC organisation page and enjoy all the premium features of GoJoe, including our extensive content library and everyday fitness tracker. The majority of the audience chose both. Of the 836 participants that joined a team in the PwC Movement Challenge, 92% of those users actively logged activities towards the leader boards.

Weekly Themes

It’s easy to keep those who are topping the leader boards engaged, but how do you engage others with slightly less motivation or fewer points? To take the pressure off the leader boards, and to enhance the community building aspect of the challenge, we also engaged the PwC audience via weekly themes, often completely unrelated to fitness! For the PwC Movement Challenge, we introduced x 2 weekly themes: animals and sun seekers, encouraging participants to share their best photos (surrounding the theme) in-app to be in with a chance of featuring in one of GoJoe’s fun weekly updates.

Custom Communications

Throughout the PwC Movement Challenge, GoJoe’s dedicated customer support team curated and delivered x 5 custom emails (including joining instructions, countdown communications, weekly updates and a wrap-up match report). We also arranged custom notifications and in-app pop ups to further drive the engagement of the challenge itself and participation in the live Headspace event. All communications were on-brand and delivered in the signature GoJoe manner -  fun, insightful and inclusive.

Connecting Global Workforces

The challenge engaged PwC employees from far and wide, including participants in various locations across Europe, Australia, Africa and Asia. With highly social features like our direct message ability, as well as team, challenge and organisation chats groups, the PwC community were able to connect, encourage and share photos, videos and words of motivation with their colleagues globally. Bringing people together via the power of exercise - it’s a win-win!

96% of our previous clients have since returned for another challenge, including PwC, who have completed x 4 challenges since 2021!

Outcome and Key results

The PwC Movement Challenge introduced an invigorating strategy for active wellness, embedding beneficial routines and habits at the start of a brand new year and enhancing consciousness in all aspects of wellbeing through the course of the challenge. This engaging and welcoming journey allowed PwC employees to cultivate a distinct culture, celebrating physical activity and its numerous advantages.

  • 92% engagement
  • 116,900 app events
  • 100% increase in activity levelsAll categories of users (in terms of fitness levels pre-challenge) experienced an increase in activity levels during the challenge
  • 15,860 x Pizzas 🍕
    in terms of collective energy expended