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GoJoe Engage Drives Wellbeing Forward for Volvo Truck & Bus Centres North & Scotland

We're delighted to announce VTBC North & Scotland as the newest member of our annual Engage platform. This partnership signifies a strategic move from VTBC North & Scotland to accelerate their commitment to employee wellbeing, leveraging GoJoe's comprehensive suite of health and fitness tools.


GoJoe's Engage offering, now an integral part of the VTBC North & Scotland employee benefits package, promises a fully inclusive and whole person approach to wellbeing. It aligns seamlessly with the organisation’s philosophy, which is rooted in the belief that employee health goes beyond the physical, encompassing emotional, mental, and social aspects - all critical for a thriving workplace.


"We are delighted to welcome VTBC North & Scotland to the GoJoe social movement. Their dedication to employee experience mirrors our mission to make health and fitness a social, and engaging journey, with togetherness and fun being the key part of it," shares Jack Williams, GoJoe's Commercial Director. "With GoJoe Engage, employees will have a tailored wellbeing plan that not only includes our signature and fully inclusive dedicated movement challenges, creatively customised as VolGO, but also enriches people with comprehensive health and fitness journeys, expert-led webinars, and curated content from athletes and experts within their respective fields."


Neil Park, Managing Director of VTBC North & Scotland quoted, “we were searching for a simple, fun and engaging way to promote health and wellbeing across our entire team, and after a successful trial, we’re confident that GoJoe not only delivers on that brief but also provides us with a platform to add our own content enhancing internal communications and making the app a genuinely valuable tool for all of our colleagues.” 


The adoption of GoJoe's Engage represents VTBC North & Scotland’s enduring commitment to 'caring for people', a core value that has been the foundation of their century-long legacy. The platform will provide the team with access to resources across GoJoe’s four pillars of wellbeing - Move, Fuel, Rest, and Feel - enhancing their wellbeing initiatives. This includes integrating with existing systems to streamline user experience and maximise awareness, education, and utilisation.


About Volvo Truck & Bus Centres North & Scotland

VTBC North & Scotland is part of a global powerhouse in the automotive industry, committed to pioneering advancements in safety, quality, and environmental care. With a human-centric approach, they believe in creating an engaging work culture where every employee is valued, and wellbeing is paramount.


VTBC North & Scotland’s journey with GoJoe is a leap towards a more vibrant, health-conscious workforce. Discover more about the Engage platform by visiting here.