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Step Count Challenges are Boring

We were employees once, and we were served step count challenges and step challenge apps for years. We have to just come out and say it... they're boring and not inclusive. Here is why.

Movement is good; but...

Don't misunderstand us here. We fully get behind the idea that all movement is good movement, and that getting active - in any way at all - is the key to your physical and emotional wellbeing. But when it comes to setting engaging, motivating and exciting workplace virtual challenges that are designed to get colleagues active, together, we can all do so much more than old-fashioned step challenges. It's time to think differently and to enjoy benefits from collective, inspiring challenges that everyone can do together, with a real feeling of 'team' and achievement in the process.

Even if you read no further and have no interest in using GoJoe for a challenge, we separately put together this handy checklist of what to look for when considering a step challenge app or team challenge.

Introducing different

GoJoe goes beyond old-fashioned step count challenges and takes things to the next level. It takes the intention of distance challenges but takes steps out of the equation and measures kilometres instead - however you want to travel the distance.

Walk, run, cycle or swim according to what suits you best. The important thing is to encourage the type of movement you enjoy and can do, rather than doggedly stepping up and down just to hit a random target. Where's the fun in marching in your living room simply to hit an arbitrary number?

There are plenty of benefits to taking this new approach and thousands of people are already getting on board with GoJoe!  Learn more at our page.

It's more fun

When you plan to run, walk, swim or cycle a certain distance, you get to feel focused and excited - experiencing a clear mind and an intention to succeed - far more than when you simply count boring steps from the sofa to the fridge!

It's inclusive

A lot of people can't do step count challenges for various reasons, such as ability, physicality or accessibility. With GoJoe you don't need a pedometer to take part, and you don't need to mindlessly step. Simply pick your activity, pick your distance and away you go - however you do it!

Bye-bye step challenge apps

At GoJoe we're also team-based and have a wide range of other incentives to offer our clients, such as themed weekly prizes, and 'captains' to rally teams - including PTs and professional athletes who can provide expert guidance and motivation.

Perhaps you work solo and need to feel part of a remote working team. Maybe you work in a large office and want to create fun, inclusivity and healthier habits together. Or you're a school, college or community group looking to create a fun new project that gets everyone up and moving? Whatever your goals and background, GoJoe can help you to achieve what you are looking for - fitness, fun, community and inclusivity - without any more mindless stepping!

Whether you're a leisurely dog walker or a serious athlete, you can get more out of exercise, teamwork and community when you get active, together, on GoJoe.

Remember, with GoJoe, every kilometre counts - however you choose to complete it. Explore our site to find out more and to trial us today!