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How we help
HRDs, Benefits & People teams

HR - unofficial lawyer, therapist, party planner, teacher, peacemaker and miracle worker. It’s funny because it’s true. You’re busy people - we understand - which is why GoJoe as a benefit saves you time and makes you look good.

Teams that
move together,
stay together

Need to engage your staff and create healthier workplaces?
We can handle that.

How transformed our users felt with measurable impact after using GoJoe


increased positive intent towards the employer (which impacts retention)


increased employee engagement rate (up to x4 higher than regular employee engagement platforms)


of employees feel more socially connected after using GoJoe


of employees are more motivated by activities than steps


Its no secret - we’re all about the movement.


To perform at your best, you need to feel at your best.


We take your tired, overstretched employees and teach them the art of resting.


Fuel for the body, fuel for the mind.

Social fitness experience that employees want

We drive engagement with our tongue in cheek approach and social features. Creating a social fitness experience that employees want to be a part of, with an employee benefit that spans across all pillars of wellbeing.

Quick, easy set up and launch programme and ongoing support

With a quick, easy set up and launch programme and ongoing support (with an actual person, not a helpline) we’ll save you precious company time and resources.So that you can get back to your miracle working ;)

Healthier happier employees

Healthier happier workplaces

Don’t just take our word for it

“It's helped us focus on meaningful movement”

GoJoe is a really fun and engaging way to get our people and teams moving and connecting with each other socially. It's helped us focus on meaningful movement, rather than just the number of steps. It's the most engagement we've a mile.

“It always gets amazing engagement”

GoJoe is a fantastic digital solution to proactively engage our people no matter where they are. From their world series events to their health and wellness content, it always gets amazing engagement.

“GoJoe is the best thing we have ever done”

The teams absolutely LOVE it. The witty comms and notifications are so good. It brings together the wider teams and connects us all, which is really cool.

“It delivers a huge impact on wellbeing”

GoJoe is a really innovative app which helps to keep staff active. It’s easy to get out there and delivers a huge impact on wellbeing.