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We make boring solo exercise mean something

As well as our workplace challenges, we uniquely offer - in our app -  open-to-everyone movement challenges that you can join, with celebrities, athletes and sportspeople.

Or, create your own private fitness challenges to enjoy with your friends (if you can handle the competition)!

Back of the Net Challenge

10 Nov - 2 Dec 2022

Get in the mood for a certain very large football tournament that’s about to kick off in real life, by joining the Back of The Net Challenge. No footballing is required!

The Brownlee

1 Jan- 31 Jan 2023

A world-first team virtual fitness challenge.
Exercise with or against Alistair.

12 Days of Christmas Challenge

12 Dec - 23 Dec 2022

What better way to get in to the festive spirit, than joining our lead-up to Christmas challenge. You know you want to.

Create private challenges for you and your friends.

Your new place to hang out.
Friendly competition with your mates, team chat, leaderboards & stats. Create and enjoy your own challenge.
Warning: it's bound to get competitve!

What our users say about our challenges

"It's like Strava... but with teams and fun."

GoJoe User

Download our app and check the Explore tab for new and upcoming challenges.

  • Open to everyone
  • Supercharge motivation
  • Fun, friendly competition